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To say that ecommerce is booming right now would be the ultimate understatement.
The accessibility of platforms like Shopify allows decision makers the freedom and flexibility to build their own ecommerce empires from the ground-up.
So, in 2019, it’s arguably easier than ever to sell products online.
Don’t let the “easy” part fool you, though.
Although ecommerce has a low barrier to entry these days, there’s more legwork involved than meets the eye. Specifically, the many moving pieces of ecommerce marketing.
Listen: trying to scale your ecommerce business by yourself or in-house can be a grind.
That’s because ecommerce marketing isn’t a solo job. If you want to optimize and grow your storefront, you’re going to need help.
The good news? Freelancers can pick up the slack.
In this guide, we’ll break down how assembling your own army of Fiverr freelancers is the most effective and efficient way to amplify your ecommerce marketing.
The Upsides of Working With Freelancers for Ecommerce
Your gut reaction might be to run to a consultant or ecommerce marketing company to manage your store’s growth. Totally understandable.
But there’s a better way.
There’s a reason why solo decision makers and enterprise businesses alike hire Fiverr freelancers for ecommerce. Actually, there are three key reasons, which we’ve highlighted below.
1. Freelancers Won’t Blow Out Your Budget
If you don’t think you can afford to hire an ecommerce specialist, think again.
In many cases, hiring freelancers costs a fraction of what you’d pay to work with a traditional ecommerce marketing agency. Fiverr Pro offers the same ecommerce expertise minus the massive price tag.
Oh, and working with a freelancer allows you to pick and choose the exact marketing services you want versus paying an agency for stuff you don’t need.
2. You Get to Work With Multiple Ecommerce Experts at Once
Need assistance with Shopify affiliate marketing? Facebook ads? Google Merchant Center?
By working with Fiverr freelancers, you can hire people with specific skill sets related to ecommerce campaigns.
The beauty of working with a freelance team is that you can work with as many (or few) experts as you want at one time. You can ramp things up and scale back based on your schedule and budget.
3. You’re Empowered to Grow Your Store Faster
Ecommerce marketing takes time.
Like, serious time.
From writing site copy to running paid ad campaigns and beyond, it’s easy to lose hours to even the most minor tasks.
Trying to do everything by yourself leads to burnout. By handing off tedious or technical tasks to freelancers, you can focus on your strengths and ensure that your ecommerce marketing runs like a well-oiled machine.
Key Takeaways
High-level freelancers can help you divide and conquer your ecommerce goals
How Fiverr Freelancers Can Help With Ecommerce Marketing
Fact: if you run an ecommerce business, you need freelancers.
That’s because many of the most important tasks related to ecommerce marketing require either a ton of time or serious experience.
Below are some key areas where freelancers can help fill in the gaps as you grow your store. We’ll also discuss some crucial ecommerce marketing practices to hand off to freelancers.
1. Product Descriptions
“Oh boy, I can’t wait to write these product descriptions!”
Said no one ever.
Joking aside, writing product descriptions is an essential part of your ecommerce content strategy. As noted by Shopify, well-optimized product descriptions help you rank for keywords and encourage your customers to convert.
That means writing individual product descriptions for everything you sell. These descriptions should include relevant keywords and benefits to reel in buyers.
Let’s be honest, though: the idea of writing dozens or even hundreds of individual product descriptions might sound about as pleasant as a trip to the dentist. That said, you gotta have ‘em.
Need 100 words? 500 words? One description? One hundred?
No problem.
Product descriptions are the perfect type of task for freelancers. Not only can copywriting experts help you knock out your descriptions faster but also craft compelling copy that results in clicks. Freelancers can also perform keyword research to make your ecommerce content irresistible to search engines.
2. Product Photos
Seeing is believing for modern shoppers.
Compelling visuals such as your product photos go hand-in-hand with higher conversion rates.
This makes sense, though. Rather than present a dull product catalog to your visitors, you can “wow” them with eye-popping images. Consider how you can put your products in a real-world setting with the help of a product model or professional photographer.
Fiverr freelancer Westeasphoto‘s lifestyle product photos taken at multiple angles illustrate how to help buyers visualize what their next purchase might look like in their own homes.
fiverr product photography and gig
If nothing else, striking product photos can score you style points with your customers and set your storefront apart from your competition.
There are tons of freelance photographers out there who can take professional pictures of your products and likewise model with them. Doing so immediately gives your shop a more professional vibe, all the while giving life to whatever you’re selling.
3. Videography and Animation
If you’re sleeping on video marketing for ecommerce, you’re probably leaving money on the table.
Fact: people are up to 85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.
Why? For starters, videos can help illustrate exactly how a product works. Entertaining and educating your shopper via video encourages them to spend more time on-site. This is good news for your site’s bounce rate as you keep shoppers glued to the page.
Fiverr superstar Mikevann produces everything from bite-sized commercials to quick explainer videos and beyond. These types of videos are perfect for your homepage or individual product pages alike.
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